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"The Tradition Goes On"

Clydesdale Creek is located 3 km North of Stockholm, Saskatchewan Canada. Run by Delvin and Louise Szumutku, they currently have 14 Purebred Clydesdales who call the creek their home.

Clydesdale Creek Clydes

Our Girls

Clydesdale Creek's Fay and colts

Here at Clydesdale Creek we try to keep uniform color, with 4 white legs and white blaze. The color of our herd has a deep history of bay with size and quality.

Our Boys

Clydesdale Creek's Conner

All of our stallions including our new stallion Boltonia Phoenix Zeus, son of SBN Phoenix, have a very long pedigree of color, size and conformation.

For Sale

Clydesdale for sale World Clydesdale Show

Here at Clydesdale Creek we always have quality colts for sale. We offer stud services from our stallion, Zeus. Check our stock & contact us for a viewing.