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"The Tradition Goes On"

Clydesdale Creek is located 3 km North of Stockholm, Saskatchewan Canada. Run by Delvin and Louise Szumutku, they currently have 14 Purebred Clydesdales who call the creek their home.

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Delvin and Louise Szumutku

We have a small herd of Clydesdales and raise 3 or 4 colts per year. We grain farm about 1000 acres...



Our logo statement is "The Tradition Goes On". It is in honour of the memory of Delvin's father, Joe...

Our Herd


Here at Clydesdale Creek we strive to achieve uniform color paired with 4 white legs & a white blaze...

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World Clydesdale Show

Ribbons in time fade, trophies tarnish, but the friendships we've made only get stronger...