Clydesdale Creek Logo

"The Tradition Goes On"

Clydesdale Creek is located 3 km North of Stockholm, Saskatchewan Canada. Run by Delvin and Louise Szumutku, they currently have 14 Purebred Clydesdales who call the creek their home.

Delvin Szumutku

Our History

Delvin's dad, Joe Szumutku, grew up with horses and at the age of 11 began working with horses in the fields, as his dad had passed away at an early age. Joe, being the oldest boy was left to do the farm work. He served his country in Europe during the 2nd World War. He fought in 5 countries and was promoted to sergeant. He then was wounded in Belgian and after recovery was a guard at the Nuremberg War Trials. Returning home he met and married Judy and purchased the family farm which we now call Clydesdale Creek. Joe started showing Belgians but in 1960 after some persuasion by his son Delvin they got their first Clydesdale mare and everything developed from there. Delvin and his dad showed Clydesdales for many years and showed several times at The Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, Ontario and at many local shows. Joe passed away in 1988 and for a few years they stopped showing horses. In 1992 Delvin married Louise and with her enthusiasm and encouragement persuaded Delvin that the tradition must go on. To this day our logo statement is "The Tradition Goes On". That is to honor the memory of Delvin's dad, Joe. After the passing of Joe our daughter Amanda came up with the name of "Clydesdale Creek" and it has stuck with us ever since. Clydesdale Creek horses have carried our banner further than we ever dreamed it would go. We are always proud of our horses and thank the people who encouraged us along our journey.